• Andrew Wickham

HMO tenants and COVI-19

What to do if a tenant, or tenants, show symptoms

As an HMO landlord, you should already be advising your tenants to keep up-to-date with government guidance on dealing with COVID-19.

If one of your tenants shows symptoms of COVID-19, either a continuous dry cough or high temperature, you should advise the whole household to self-isolate for 14 days as per Public Heath England (PHE) advice.

Self-isolation means:

  • Staying at home

  • Not visiting public places, including workplaces or schools

  • Avoiding public transport

As a landlord, you should offer to help get supplies of food and other items to your tenants, but you shouldn’t enter the property unless absolutely necessary.

If any of your tenants show symptoms that don’t improve after their isolation period, or they experience shortness of breath or other more serious symptoms, they should contact NHS 111’s online service.

They should only call 111 If they’re unable to access the service online

What to do if you show symptoms

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