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Investment opportunities

Cubos Properties Ltd is a property investment company and we help our investors get a much better return than if they were to leave their money in the bank.

Would you prefer your money to work for you or would you rather work for money?

We source below market value properties that are in areas where there is great demand for people to live. We add significant value to those properties by improving the layout and refurbishment and if suitable we also extend their size. We only acquire properties where there is room to add equity and value, that way we know our investors will get a great return on their money.

We tailor our service to suite our investors.

4 simple questions we ask allow for clarity and understanding from the outset:

  • How much capital are you looking to invest?

  • What return are you looking for?

  • What length of time are you happy to have your investment tied up for?

  • Is there any criteria that you feel we need to be aware of that will determine what will make a good investment for you?

Experience, knowledge and great connections are the necessary recipe for intelligent investment and that is exactly what we represent.

Why invest with Cubos?
I have been involved with property for nearly 20 years, managing, maintaining and refurbishing properties all around South West London. I have been accelerating my learning through property courses and have a network of outstanding professional contacts in the industry including brokers, builders, accountants, planning experts, property managers and developers.

Property investment is a people business and it is about having the right team around you to make sure all angles are covered. Please feel free to connect if you want to know more about Cubos or if you need any help with our professional contacts.

Email or call me on 07866 426 948. 

How you can be a part of future projects - If you are interested in learning more about investment opportunities with Cubos Properties Ltd then please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and a member of our team will call to discuss how we can help you further.

Or you can call on 0203 642 6528 or email
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